Rules and Regulations

1) Proposing and seconding candidates for membership of the Society

The following, in order of preference, are acceptable mechanisms for proposing and seconding candidates for membership of the Society:

i. Candidate being proposed and seconded by two members of the Society who know the candidate personally.
ii. Candidate being proposed by the appropriate Regional Representative or Overseas Representative and seconded by an Officer of the Society.
iii. Candidate not known to any member of the Society must provide an acceptable reference or sufficient information on their philatelic interests to enable a current member to propose and another to second the application.

All applications for membership, however supported, have to be approved by Council, in the absence of which the application fails.


Members of the Society do not have the right to place the letters MRPSL or RPSL (or similar) after their names.

3) Admission of Visitors

Under Article 14 a member has the privilege of introducing visitors, for whom he shall personally vouch by signing the visitors' book.

No more than two visitors may be introduced at any one time nor shall the same visitor be introduced more than three times in any one programme year or calendar year, except by permission of the Council, of the President or of the Honorary Secretary.

Under this by-law, no member shall have the right to introduce any visitor who is either a suspended member or an expelled former member of the Society.

4) Library Rules

Fellows, Members, and Associates of the Society shall have the privilege of borrowing books from the Library, subject to the following conditions and restrictions:

i. No member may borrow or be in possession of more than three volumes at any one time. No periodicals or Auction Catalogues may be taken from the Library.
ii. No book may be borrowed until all particulars have been entered into the 'Library Record' and so signed for by the member.
iii. No rare book or one containing valuable autographs or annotations may be taken from the Library. Subject to the directions of the Council, the Head of Collections has power to determine what constitutes a rare book and to decline the issue of any particular book.
iv. Members must return a book within four weeks from the date of its issue to them. The Head of Collections can, however, request its earlier return if this is considered necessary.
v. The member borrowing a book is responsible for its safe custody until returned to the Library. In the event of loss or damage thereto he shall either replace the book or pay such compensation as the Council may determine.
vi. Members failing to return a book when requested to do so (iv) will be debarred from borrowing further books from the Library for such period as the Council may decide, and further will be held personally liable for the value of the book in question.
vii. Books may at the discretion of the Head of Collections be sent by post on the written application of any member: all postage and, if the Head of Collections considers necessary, registration fees both from and to the Library shall be paid by the member to whom the book is issued. Books returned to the Library by post must be properly and securely packed and the member will be held responsible for any damage or injury to the book whilst in transit. Should the book be sent by Registered Post, it must be so returned.
viii. No book is to be taken or sent out of the United Kingdom.

The Head of Collections is authorised to modify any of these rules and regulations in special circumstances.

5) Access to the Museum and Archives and the Philatelic Collections

Access to the Society's archives, artefacts and philatelic collections, whether or not on show in display cases in the Society's Museum, may be provided on making a prior appointment through the Society's office during normal working hours. Appointments will be made for access between the hours of 10.30 and 16.00 on weekdays, except for public holidays, subject to the availability of an authorised member of the Collections Committee, or other approved person, as appropriate, to be present throughout the appointment.

6) Smoking

As from 1st April 2005, the entire premises of the Royal Philatelic Society London have been designated a "no smoking" area. The smoking of cigarettes, cigars or pipes, or the use of e-cigarettes,is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

(revised 22 October 2021)