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The London Philatelist Archival Edition

It is now possible to own the complete London Philatelist to the end of the current year for a small fraction of the cost of the paper edition. The current edition is complete to December 2015.

Every issue of The London Philatelist (124 volumes, 34,500+ pages) has been scanned to produce a high quality facsimile of every page (since 2004 high resolution full colour type-setting PDFs have been used).

These have been recognised to produce searchable text stored in a relational database. This allows text searches to be made of the whole of the LP using both simple and advanced searching methods. Where the volume and page of a reference are known the system will go directly to that article. For quick scanning of the results of a search the text stored in the database can be read. When a desired article is found this can be viewed as a facsimile image of the original page, so enhancing the pleasure by seeing the original text and having it presented in its original formatting. This is particularly advantageous for tabular information and articles with complex formatting. All illustrations are reproduced with essentially the same quality as the original.

With the ninth update to The London Philatelist Archival Edition, a new version of the search application was developed. This will run on Apple Macintosh or Apple iPad (it uses FileMaker that works with all the iOS updates that have been freely available since about 2012), and also on a PC running Windows 7 or later.

Significant changes to Microsoft’s systems and Acrobat Reader required us to make extensive changes to the existing programs. This gave the opportunity for significant improvements and simplification of the search facilities with the added benefit of supporting more platforms. The new LP Archive contains every issue of LP up to the end of 2015.
Many laptop computers no longer have a CD/DVD reader and so the system will be shipped on a USB Memory Stick.

Upgrade from old version £10 plus VAT (if applicable) plus postage, with proof of purchase.

Annual update £10 plus VAT (If applicable) plus postage.

New purchase £30 plus VAT (if applicable) plus postage.

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