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The London Philatelist Archival Edition

It is now possible to own the complete London Philatelist to the end of the current year for a small fraction of the cost of the paper edition. The current, final, edition is complete to December 2018.

Every issue of The London Philatelist (127 volumes, 1,461 issues, 34,500+ pages) has been scanned to produce a high quality facsimile of every page (high resolution full colour type-setting PDF files have been used since 2004).

These have been recognised to produce searchable text stored in a relational database. This allows text searches to be made of the whole of the LP using both simple and advanced searching methods. Where the volume and page of a reference are known the system will go directly to that article. For quick scanning of the results of a search the text stored in the database can be read. When a desired article is found this can be viewed as a facsimile image of the original page, so enhancing the pleasure by seeing the original text and having it presented in its original formatting. This is particularly advantageous for tabular information and articles with complex formatting. All illustrations are reproduced with essentially the same quality as the original.

With the ninth update to The London Philatelist Archival Edition, a new version of the search application was developed. Many laptop computers no longer have a CD/DVD reader and so the system is available for installation from a USB Memory Stick.

Upgrade from old version £10 plus VAT (if applicable) plus postage, with proof of purchase.

Annual update £10 plus VAT (if applicable) plus postage.

The thirteenth update to The London Philatelist Archival Edition is now available. The archive consists of 1,461 issues containing 4,726 articles between 1892 and 2018. The search database contains over 29,500 records! The 2018 version of the database and search program runs on a Windows PC only. This is the final opportunity to obtain the entire current set of issues and search capability in this USB format deliverable. New purchase price: £30 plus VAT (if applicable) plus postage.

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Any issues please email to this address:

The London Philatelist Archival Edition to be Discontinued

It is with regret that it has been decided that the 2018 edition of The London Philatelist Archival Edition application will be the last. In future the search and view facility will only be provided through the RPSL Catalogue on our new website (to be launched during 2019). Recently, some Windows PC users have been experiencing problems running the application at all (we have been unable to establish the cause) and the recent update to the Apple operating system has been found to be completely incompatible with the version of the database that we use (users who update the operating system will find that the application no longer runs).

The cost of upgrading is deemed to be prohibitive and still may not solve the Windows problem. Further, there are likely to be continual changes to personal computer software that create incompatibilities. With the increasing availability of Internet/wifi access, we believe the web solution is an acceptable alternative (the LP files can be downloaded individually to a computer, but searching must be carried out online). The online facility will be free to members.

The London Philatelist Archival Edition application was originally launched in 2006, and we wish to thank Dr Geoff Eibl-Kaye FRPSL for his innovation and effort that has been expended over the years. More recently Julian Jones FRPSL has taken over most of the tasks from Geoff, and Julian will continue to be involved in updating the website after each edition of The London Philatelist has been published.

The 2018 Windows edition (the last) of The London Philatelist Archival Edition application is available, but we are unable to create a version for Apple computers. Watch this space for news about when the new web version will be available and how to use it.

(dated 16 December 2018)